What is love? What's the most important thing in it? When we think we are in love, we often don't understand. Many people mistakenly regard infatuation as love. Infatuation may only be the primary stage of love, or just the bud of love. At the same time of infatuation, if there is no pity, love will disappear quickly, because the speed of infatuation is really too fast. Some people also think that the essence of love is that in fact, romance is only a spray in the ocean of love, and compassion is the cornerstone of supporting the love building. Especially for married couples, without mutual pity, it is impossible to share weal and woe. Pity in compassion is love, deep sympathy; pity is love, cherishing, not willing to get a little bit of love. Pity is not pity. It is a kind of condescending almsgiving with a little superiority and benefaction. But pity is a gentle care and giving based on respect and appreciation, which is unconditional. The pity in love is a kind of completely spontaneous, willing to pay for each other, a kind of strong that involuntarily wants to put each other under their own protection and provide emotional and physical protection, so they try their best to pet her (him) and love her (him), regardless of whether they are actually stronger than each other. What is pity? Pity is a cup of water given by a lover when he is thirsty, a exhortation when he goes out, an open embrace when he cries, a thought that "if I don't go home, she won't sleep" flashed in his mind on the way home in a hurry, pity is a kind of stubborn feeling that a lover can't feel the pain for her when he is ill, and pity is the stubbornness of "as long as he, I will do everything". Pity is Think of him as the most important person in the world. Love with pity is neither ostentatious nor exaggerated. It is deeply rooted in the heart of the lover, ready to provide protection and protection for the beloved at any time. With compassion, we don't want to do something about each other, don't want to see each other a little unhappy, just want the people we love to be happy all the time. In order to do so, they will please each other, meet each other's needs, put each other's interests above themselves, and let each other feel that they are the most important person in their love, and will help each other through this life. This is the most sincere, strong, firm and lasting love based on pity. How many love, only rainbow, no wind and rain? How many, only happy, no? Love, will say: "you are my forever." But at the time of crisis, how many people can remember the original promise? Remember the love? But if there is compassion in love, love is no longer fragile, so that people can hold their love's hand when the great difficulty comes.